Joe d'Elia

Announcing Peek in (in beta)

January 21, 2016

Today I'm happy to unveil a project I've worked on for the past couple of months, which I'm incredibly excited about: Peek in.

Because there are still some functionalities I plan to add ahead of the big launch, and some bugs that probably need to be squashed, please don't go too crazy with sharing it. And go get in touch if something is not working properly.

Peek in allows you to see your users use your website in real time. And (soon), it'll integrate with live support softwares to enable support staff to see what the person they're chatting with is doing.

Observing your users is incredibly eye-opening and also rather painful. So many interactions that seem obvious really get in the way of a pleasurable user experience. There are already several tools to record user sessions and play them…

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